Covid-19 Safe

The LBL House

At The LBL House we are registered as Covid-19 safe. We also have a covid safe plan prepared in our salon. At the reception desk we have setup a QR code. It is mandatory for 

ALL CLIENTS to check in.


On arrival please wash/dry and sanitise your hands at our wash basin provided. All staff members will ask you to do this. This is to take extra precaution and to do your part in keeping everyone safe.


Our waiting area is closed due to social distancing. At The LBL House we are following government guidelines. Everyone must stay 1.5m apart in the salon. If you arrive early to your appointment PLEASE wait outside and a staff member will attend to you.


If you are feeling unwell or showing any signs of flue like symptoms or genueily unwell STAY HOME. At the LBL House if you are showing any signs of being unwell we will immediately cancel your appointment and reschedule when it is safe to do so.