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'Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world' - Nelson Mandela

Today, artists globally and across Australia, both new and experienced, approach Livvy wanting to know how she creates amazing lashes with her own technique and learn how she built a successful business. Seeing the success of others is what motivates Livvy most.


Livvy will provide you with access to comprehensive knowledge on how to be an exceptional lash artist, achieve flawless looks with unique techniques and the guidance on how to open and manage a successful business. You will have a mentor who is focused on helping you achieve your best now and well into the future. The time has come, the time is now - Don't hold back greatness, get in touch today.

Meet your Educator

Meet your Educator - Livvy Bate, the founder and Educator at The LBL House


From humble beginnings, to now a successful entrepreneur giving back to the industry she loves. Livvy is here to change not only the lash industry but more importantly, help others succeed within it, individuals just like you reading this.


Over the last decade, Livvy has built her business from the ground up. Starting in her own apartment with little knowledge available at the time and being a young single mum, to then establishing her first salon on the South Coast of New South Wales Australia in 2016, to a second location in Double Bay Sydney and now having multiple business ventures. Livvy understands first-hand the struggles, the pressure and that everyone has a different journey. Livvy has been taught by  leading artists from around the world. Having no idea about lashing and business, to now being a successful lash artist, salon owner and business entrepreneur. Going through all the hardship and struggles, best positions Livvy to now help others on their journey. Livvy has and continues to ''walk the path'', sharing her knowledge, skills and passion for helping others.


Livvy first discovered her passion for educating others after building a successful team of lash artists within her own salon, hiring women who had no lash experience to then watching these women flourish into amazing artists and business women. Realising she can create phenomenal lash artists who build careers out of her salon, Livvy is motivated to help others, individuals just like you, succeed in the lash industry. Currently, the beauty industry is estimated to be worth $562 billion globally - Are you interested in this space? Unsure you have what it takes? Doubting yourself as an artist or business owner? You have come to the right place.


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