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The LBL House Services Policy

The LBL House has strict client policies & procedures.

  1. By entering into transactions with The LBL House, clients agree and are bound by these policies.

  2. The LBL House regards customer privacy as an important part of our relationship with our customers.

  3. The LBL House is a small business that only has a limited number of appointments available. The time allocated for your appointment is reserved for you.

  4. As a client when booking an appointment you will be directed to our online booking service you will be required to provide your full name, email address, mobile number with a 50% deposit ( where applicable) to secure your booking.

  5. Bookings will be confirmed via text message or email prior to your booking date to your supplied contact number or email.

  6. We do not tolerate late cancellations (within 24 hours) and no-shows, any booking deposits are 100% non-refundable. It is almost impossible to fill cancelled/no-show spots at short notice. Last-minute cancellations/no-shows do have a significant impact on The LBL House, its clients and its team. We have found that our booking policy is the fairest way of managing the commitment to appointments.

  7. All bookings are for a single person only our salon spaces are limited; no waiting area will be provided for waiting friends, family, etc. Please come to your appointment by yourself, otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to pay a last-minute cancellation fee before you can book in with us again.

  8. If for any reason you experience any issue or problem with treatment, we are happy to give you a complimentary follow-up consultation, and then attempt to remedy the issue (which may or may not be a complimentary service, depending on the nature of the situation) however, you must contact us within 48 hrs of your appointment for us to do so. We are very happy to help you, but please request our assistance within our timeframe, to allow us to properly assess the treatment outcome.

  9. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact The LBL House (02) 4249 4561

Infill Policy

  1. Please be advised that we charge by time.

  2. If you think you have lost more extensions than normal, please let us know a week before your appointment so we can arrange more time for you.

  3. Time starts from the moment you open the door for you until you leave (unless we are running late we try honor this).

  4. Please understand that we don’t have the ability to control your lash cycle, aftercare, or seasonal shedding time. There will be clients that will have to see us every two weeks and some are three weekly.

  5. Some lashes or eye shapes can be harder to lash than other people and they may take longer to do than normal.

  6. Our lash artist has ready lashes for you when you arrive to ensure we give you the most out of your time.

  7. Lash Infills are only available for up to 3 weeks. More than 3 weeks will be considered as a full set. We will do removal and a new set. Most lashes would have been grown out by then.

  8. Should you be late for your appointment means less lashing time.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. We don’t do any refunds for any services that have been done as we have provided our best products, time, effort and service for you. If somehow some of your eyelash extensions have an unexpected massive fall within 24 to 48 hours after your treatment, please contact us right away to book you in as soon as we can for your touch up which is free. For more than that period of time, you will be charged for an infill if you didn’t let us know beforehand.

  2. If something is unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance within our business hours and we cannot provide a service within a specific time frame, we have all the rights to reschedule/cancel any appointments scheduled on that day.

  3. If you ever get an allergic reaction from the treatment (which is one of the risks of getting eyelash extensions this is stated in our consult waiver form), please contact your doctor straight away. We will give you a complimentary removal and deep cleansing.

  4. NO SHOW. Missing the appointment without prior notice will not be tolerated. We will no longer accommodate you and all future meetings you’ve booked with us will automatically cancel unless you pay the full price of that session to amend our loss.

  5. Please arrive on time as you have a designated time slot. Our appointment times are more than enough to ensure you receive your treatment. Lateness will erode your appointment time, but you will still be charged full price.

  6. Leaving a non refundable deposit for a service based appointment will not be refunded if you cancel within 24hrs or need to reschedule last minute. A new non refundable deposit will need to be left for a new appointment. 

  7. If we ever find out that you have cancelled or rescheduled your appointment multiple times, we have all the right to cancel all your future appointments with us. Our time is very precious and we hope all our clients respect our business times.

We have an ethics policy that our therapists exercise in unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances—this involves things such as a personal injury that prevents clients from getting to appointments, death, debilitating sickness or disease, or any other potential emergencies that are genuine and prevent clients from attending.

Examples of situations that are NOT acceptable & will require cancellation fees;

  1. Forgetting appointments

  2. Mismanaging schedules or double booking

  3. Running late & missing your appointment

  4. Mild sickness such as colds/flu that do not prevent clients from attending work/events (we exercise caution & provide sufficient barriers to clients & staff)

  5. Last-minute work roster changes

  6. Any situation that prevents a client from wanting to attend, requires the client’s responsibility to assure appointment attendance.

We do our best to accommodate last-minute changes, however, because of the demand for our artist we only provide a tight window for genuine circumstances. If the booking policy is not suitable, we advise not going ahead with the booking.

Thank you for respecting our business

The LBL House xx

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